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Social Media Resume – Top Ways to Make it Look Awesome & Get Hired!

With increasing use and popularity of social media among World Wide Web, a remarkable change has been observed in the way organizations companies brand and promote themselves. A dramatic transformation has also been seen in the field of customer service.

Paid social was a huge success in the past. It is still growing. However, organic social media management still holds prime importance. According to studies, it has been revealed that jobs in the field of “social media” has gained immense importance and fame since 2010. Within a short period of time, the requirement and importance almost tripled.

Looking forward to bag a job as a social media manager? Well, this certainly calls for some detailed knowledge and expertise. You should be capable of doing much more than just friending your classmates on Facebook, following celebrities on Instagram and tweeting cute videos.

The key is to create the perfect social media resume. Here are some amazing ways to make your social media resume look impressive enough to get hired:

Communication Skills are Important

Of course, social media is all about establishing communication and making connections. Since a lot of companies use social platforms for branding, customer service, and influencing, it is of prime importance that you are capable of presenting a branded persona to find solutions to problems and communicate for the company. Communication is also very important for being part of a team! Being a social manager means that you will most likely be a member of a marketing team that demands you to effectively communicate what you require from them. You must also be very clear on the way you can help them achieve goals.

Remember that your social media resume must clearly highlight your skills to select a social platform for customer service effectively, especially for certain posts like Facebook for press releases and images of large corporations, Twitter for queries related to customer service, LinkedIn for job openings and conference news.

The best and easiest way to state this on a resume is to place right below “Skills” section. You can mention that you are 'Proficient in Social Media Targeting and Communication' and can 'Engaging customers and target prospects on social platforms'.

Show Off Your Copywriting Skills

Knowledge of grammar and spelling goes a long way in any profession. And if you make a living with it (a social media professional), you better get a strong hold over these! Errors in typing and grammar mistakes are very embarrassing. Grammarly is the best option. It is a free plugin. It spell checks as you go. Additionally, copywriting needs to create some excitement too. Remember, you  will have very limited space to communicate an offer. So brush up on your vocabulary. You must also be well prepared to pose yourself as the Hemingway of social media! On your resume, under “Skills” section, mention about your brilliant copywriting and editing skills.

Creativity is Important

Social media will be very boring without the creativity juices that make your posts gain an edge over the crowd. It should also be able to attract a lot of clicks and likes and retweets. So make your resume stand out! Add your creativity in it.

Display Past Successes

This is the best way to make your social media resume stand out. So focus on showcasing your past successes. You may use metrics, graphs, etc. for the same. This will help you show a potential employer what a great social media manager you can be. For instance, your Facebook likes have grown by 300%, the most popular tweet of yours was retweeted around 150 times, and periscope received over 4500 views. The idea is to show you have created and engaged a community successfully on various social platforms. In your resume, you need to show it something like 'Increased social media engagement significantly by increasing Facebook likes 300%.'


Once you have identified your success, you already know your way around Twitter Analytics and Facebook Business Manager. So make sure these shows right at the top on your list of skill set. Showing that you can effectively manage social media and how good you are at it will have a positive impact.
If you add tracking from Google Analytics to your links, simply add that to the skill set list. You need to let your future employee know your efficiency at judging the success of your campaigns and the most important metric in this regard. Also mention how did you find it.

Your social media resume should include things such as fluency in Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics and experience in identifying trends, analyzing metrics, and optimizing performance.

Social Platforms

A social media manager must gain proficiency in the basics:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- Pinterest

However, it is also important to be well versed with HootSuite and IFTTT.  A dedicated social media is fully aware of the importance of planning. Without planning, it is not possible to set up posts in real time. Hence, it is very important that a potential employer sees this listed on the resume. This will make him/her feel that you are the real deal. You should also emphasise on various ways of using platforms to strengthen your strategy. For instance, you can include some of the related platforms such as SEMRush or Buzzsumo. Also plan at least 10 posts each week through Buffer and set up 4 applets through IFTTT.

Image Formatting

If you have not been using Canvas, start trying your hand on it. Experienced social media marketers are aware of the importance of posts with images. They know that posts with images perform way better than those without one. Images are a crucial element for driving positive brand sentiment. It also helps with developing a branded persona. You should focus on showing this skill off on your resume! Do not hesitate to showcase the most creative and best-performing posts on resume.

Following the above listed resume guidelines will help you get hired as a social media manager with a reputed firm. All the best!


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