Saturday, 12 November 2016

5 Tips for Creating Content to Share on LinkedIn

Smart marketers are fully aware of the importance of creating highly shareable content  for promoting themselves by sending the least amount of money. When you share intriguing content, people will click on it and share it too. Sharing best witty content will keep them in highlight always. It makes for the easiest ways to get ranked as an expert and attract more followers. So focus on giving your contacts great content they can share. When they share valuable content, it helps you build your LinkedIn network and help you get ranked as an expert.

Now the question is how to set yourself apart from the crowd? What elements make certain content shareable? Why most content fails to spark any interest among users?

Listed below are some tips to help you to create powerful content to share on LinkedIn. These tips will help you attract interest, followers and spread your content far and wide:

Dynamic Content

Visitors to webpages, including LinkedIn are offered different titles to click on. To be able to attract potential traffic, it is crucial to create intriguing titles that make visitors inquisitive. Make sure you don't mislead visitors with your titles. If you do so, they will lose interest and trust. It is like promise one thing and delivering another. The power of a good title never fails to work. Research has revealed that most people read the body copy after going through interesting title. So focus on creating killer titles by using numbers and attractive adjectives (Absolute, Free, Strange, Essential, Incredible, Effortless), use "Why" and "How", promise something valuable to your potential customers, etc. In short, you can use a formula: Number + Provoking Adjective + Keyword (SEO ) + Promise Valuable.
For instance, if you wish to include keyword – "hair supplement", try adding a title - "7 Incredible Benefits of Using Hair Supplements."

Know your Audience

Who are you writing for? In case, you are trying to expand your customer base, know as much as you can about them. Also know their age, educational background, the kind of shoppers they are. This piece of information will help you customize your articles as per their specific needs and expectations. The key is to use their language. Talk about things they like and what interests them the most.

Be Unique Be You

LinkedIn visitors usually get bored to lots of content of the same kind. If you are looking for followers and popularity, focus on standing out. So start off by brainstorming things related to your niche. Always think outside of the types of kinds of articles you usually write. Try promoting your products and services through interesting stories. You may show the way in which customers use your products. Post pictures to help customers know how your products are helpful.

YouTube Videos are Helpful

Although Facebook has taken necessary measures to discourage people from posting YouTube videos or videos from any other third-party platform on its network, LinkedIn is still helpful. It plays YouTube clips in Newsfeeds without any problem. These videos, play directly on the platform. Hence, your audience does not require leaving their feed and load different page altogether to watch the video.

Repurpose Content

It is true that you may wish to promote posts that link back to your brand site. However, you must understand that anything that helps or benefits your existing/potential customer will, in turn, help your brand. This is regardless of the source it comes from. Studies have revealed that buyers chose a company that provided useful information and helped them during the process of purchasing. Hence, if you find a new report from a different source that might be helpful to your followers, simply share it. For instance, an article, a video, or an image that abides by the interest of your customer should be shared and even linked to a relevant blog post from your organization. Regardless the source of the content, if it helps, educates or entertains your audience, they will be thankful for it.


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