Thursday, 10 November 2016

7 Biggest Myths About Pinterest Marketing – Busted!

Have you been marketing on Pinterest? Well, this is definitely the 'in' thing to do while you plan on promoting your business online. Pinterest may seem to be a cute little platform, females oriented, and pink, but recently, it has shown a lot of value and power. It has emerged as a very powerful platform for marketing. Employing its power results in harnessing high-quality traffic.

Unfortunately, this dynamic and incredibly operational platform carries around a lot of myths. Here's a list of the biggest myths surrounding Pinterest and the reasons you need to come over these:

Yet Another Platform, Another Headache

It is not a headache! Pinterest is a super easy platform to gain presence on owing to its facility of jumpstarting profile within a few hours! A fabulous platform, it promotes online content sharing. So there's no need to create tons of content to be of Pinterest.

You can easily kick-start by curating content from varied sources. The network offers a wealth of content available. Simply, find what’s worth sharing with your audience. Pinterest serves as a network armed with built-in content. All you need to do is identify a few major interests of your audience and generate themed boards. Thereafter, pin amazing imagery, content and crucial tips.

Only Women Oriented Business Works Here

Well, according to studies and research, it has been revealed that fairer sex makes for around 62 per cent of total Pinterest users. However, this isn't the fixed ratio. In fact, the statistic is changing. And the best part is that even if you have 38 per cent of male users on Pinterest, that makes for roughly 20 million men! You can make the most of Pinterest by attracting both male and female followers. Focus on giving value to your audience and everything else will fall into place.

Visual Business Works Best on Pinterest

No. Your business doesn't have to be visual to offer the best value to users on Pinterest. It is easy to share inspirational boards, various checklists and tips related to your niche on Pinterest and these do really well online. You may think about various ways to create the best of visual content sans displaying your offering directly.

Yet Another Social Media Channel

Most people believe that Pinterest is another social media-channel. However, it is more than just about being social. It may be used by your customers as a source of inspiration, self-expression tool, or even a tool for building strategy. Repining something from your business by someone is a clear indication that he/she is doing it for swiping the image to his/her own curated board. This is not for socializing with your company. It means that the individual likes what's posted.

Only Limited Insights to Audiences’ Interests

There is no easy way to get a deeper insight to the audience's interests than having a look at best-performing boards and pins. Another best way is to generate some curated boards. Thereafter, you can invite Pinterest followers to collaborate with you on a board. This will help you get an idea on what interests them and establish a deeper connection between potential customers and your brand.

There's No Real Business Value

Did you know Pinterest users are some of the most active shoppers online? Yes, they spend more money and time shopping online. They do it more frequently as compared to traffic from all other social networks. Also Pinterest has now rolled out the best of advertising opportunities for various brand pages.

So if you own a business (local shop), simply exploit the geotagging abilities on Pinterest. It is a cool platform for any business. All you need to do is being creative and engage your audience. This will give brilliant results.

Pinterest is Time Consuming

Marketing with Pinterest is only highly beneficial for all! It is one of the easiest social media channels,  one can participate in. Most successful marketers have confessed that they can manage their account in only a few minutes a day!

Yes, unlike other social media channels, there's absolutely no need to log in daily. One of the best things is that popular pins can get re-pinned for several months together after they were first shared. Hence, there's no compulsion of logging on daily for Pinterest traction. Apart from traffic generation and brand awareness, Pinterest can be used as a way to organize important resources. Bloggers can make the process of monitoring, useful data and blog posts easier with Pinterest.

For knowing more about Pinterest and reaping the best benefits out of it, simply spend a few minutes a day on it. You will actually be surprised to know how easy and fun the whole process is.


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