Thursday, 24 August 2017

Some Amazing Ways to Take Advantage of the Google/Twitter Partnership

Google and Twitter had recently announced a new partnership. This collaboration will provide Google access to tweets that get posted on the social media platform. The allows them the capacity to embed tweets directly into relevant search results. This is certainly great news for an average user. They will see top tweets while performing a search apart from news and links to relevant information that they usually get. Hence, you can get instant access to real-time updates. The world will seem to be more connected with this collaboration.

The recent collaboration of Google and Twitter is mutually beneficial for both companies. This is because Google will gain better user experience and Twitter will enjoy extra visibility from online searchers. Additionally, it is also very beneficial for your organization. Listed below are some strategies you may adopt to benefit from this latest development:

Boost Twitter Profile

This is the most important advantage of this partnership. With this new change, more number of people will see your tweets. Also there are chances that more people come to scope out your Twitter profile for  learning more about your business. So if you don't have a Twitter account or the profile looks bad, it is time you get the presence straightened out. Here, you need to add the web address you wish people to follow. Another important thing to do is optimize description of your company and create an impressive profile and background pictures. Focussing on these small details will let you create that much needed first positive impression on potential customers who visit your profile.

Current Events

The next step is to start tweeting about current events. Make sure these are relevant to your industry. Major searches happen in the field of recent happenings. Although tweet arrangement tactics and fundamentals haven’t been revealed yet, it is more likely that tweets relevant to present events make it to the top position of search results pages. Here, you should incorporate appropriate trending hashtags into your systematic social content. Also read news daily to see how your business responds or expands on those events. Including hashtags or keywords relevant to events will help Google can easily make out what you are talking about.

Presently, tweet answers to common issues and queries. Hence, it may not be possible that tweets appear for broad, info-seeking questions. These will cater to niche problems (popular ones). For instance, specific queries such as “how do I bake a cake” may populate tweets with content specifically addressing that query. Since such answers are quite rare. Hence, you will have very less competition as compared to posting about the trending events. So work for answers to common queries in your regular post schedules. It is better to get specific as you can. Including a link to detailed explanation on website will also help you attract that much needed extra traffic.

Emphasise your Content around Niche

This one of the most popular SEO and social tactics being practised for years. However, the latest partnership of Google and Twitter will makes it quite a compulsion. Remember, the bigger your business is, harder it gets to turn up more in searches. So it is better to narrow down your focus to just one or two key areas of expertise. Thereafter, you should optimize the entire content to make it focus on that specific niche. Although you may cut down the visibility in peripheral searches, the relevance for that specific niche will remain unmatched. The action will make your niche tweets the only ones for relevant searches.

Emphasise on Other Social Platforms

The recent Google Twitter collaboration is just the one. However, soon Google is planning to acquire or integrate with other social apps and platforms. Hence, it certainly makes sense for the search engine to develop similar alliances with various other social media organizations in future. So getting involved with those platforms will help you a lot. Do not hesitate to create a presence on the newer platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. So in future, if Google decides to integrate these into its search results, you will gain significant advantage.


It is better to adapt to the changes so that you can gain better visibility, new traffic, and a significant influx of new customers.


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