Monday, 10 April 2017

5 Best Ways Landing Page Optimization Tips to Lower Your CPC

Have you been looking for a Google AdWords campaign that's high-converting and costs less? This means, you require a very well-structured campaign that targets the right number of keywords and ensure relevance for the searcher. Generating magnetic ads is a must for increasing CTRs. Also bid the right amount so as to increase spending.

To start with, you need to emphasise on landing pages. Remember that relevancy and quality of your landing pages have a direct impact on Quality Score. This also directly affects cost per click (CPC). Hence, optimizing landing pages saves money and improves conversion rates.

Here are 5 amazing ways that help you to lower your CPCs with landing page optimization:

1. Relevance of Landing Page to Search Query

Quality score is of utmost importance for Google AdWords. All accounts with quality scores of 6 or above are granted a 16-50% decrease in CPC. On the other hand, accounts having 4 or lower Quality Score get 25-400% increase in CPC. A significant part of high Quality Score measurement is comprised of the landing pages. As per experts from the field of AdWords, irrelevant landing pages rarely get a quality score higher than 3. Connect landing pages with buying intent of ad groups as well as their respective keywords. Keywords have different intent. According to a theory, keywords are separated into three buckets. This categorization is made as per their intent:

- Informational keywords – These perform searches for answering queries or learn something.
- Commercial investigation keywords -  These perform searches for researching about a product or service.
- Transactional keywords – These perform searches for buying a certain thing.

2. Keyword Intent Funnel

Segmenting keywords into the above three intent levels is a common practice while doing keyword research. This helps with creating ads and landing pages perfectly adapted to these intents. It also increases Quality Score (and conversion rate) due to higher relevancy. For instance, when a visitor searches for "top foundation creams to look for 2017", the query intent falls into the commercial investigation. The query will help you create landing pages that successfully features an ebook or a special page dedicated to the best foundation creams to look for 2017. The landing page must emphasise on providing information to visitors, not selling. When this landing page matches the searcher's intent, it benefits from higher relevancy and Quality Score which automatically lowers CPC.

3. Quality Score

A lot of people tend to ignore quality score. Once you have followed and implemented the first tip here, you will be happy to see the side effect. This side effect is pleasant and delivers you exactly what you expected. The higher quality score is the side effect you receive for relevancy. Once you start creating highly targeted ads to a specific keyword, the click through rate (CTR) goes up. With this, the CTR goes up and quality increases. Once the landing page has its quality scores going up, it helps ad rank move up. The CPC lowers.

4. Emphasise on One Thing

Nothing can be worse than expecting a visitor to do all of the guesswork. People do not have time to keep guessing what they have to do with the landing page. They don't want to waste time understanding what a page is about. Also such situations will deter your landing page from making any sales. The best landing pages focus on a single thing - one problem, one solution. These pages also have a unique value proposition and a single goal. So make sure you focus on one thing at a time. You need to focus on one of their problems and then the solution. Let the page discuss how can you help them and what do you have to offer them.

The unique value proposition is equally important. Let your target audience know the 'unique' thing you offer them and why should they spend valuable time visiting your page. If you are serious about making them buy from you, add one CTA.  This is an “Add to Cart” button. In case, you want them to mail you, add, “click to mail” button. Similarly, if you wish them to call you, add “click-to-call" button.

5. Click Through Rate

Speed is the best thing about pay-per-click marketing. The results of efforts can be seen very fast. This helps the user determine the best direction to take. Here, it is very important that you create brand new ads to compete against all of your winning ads. In short, do not stop after a CTR of 6 per cent with a single winning ad. You need to make constant efforts to improve it. At last, even if you reach 10/10 quality score, keep making efforts on finding better words to use, using better call to action to implement etc. You can also find out more beneficial offers for visitors. Make sure you keep testing them all.


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