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7 Wonderful Steps to Optimize Web Content for Humans and Search Engines

Most businessmen have a storehouse of some brilliant ideas and a vision for what needs to be done for the company in their mind. They have some wonderful plans and revolutionary concepts too. Although you might be the next big thing for your business, things might go drown in the drain due to lack of effective communication between you and the user.

It is important to know that potential customers will get an impression of you and your company through website. If you do not focus on keeping content up to the mark, the potential customer may not get converted into your customer. Failing to impress them with your content will repel them. They will not call you up to learn more about what you sell.

Search Engine Optimization is the best thing to include into your website and create that much needed powerful impression on customers. Listed below are 7 important steps to optimize your web content:

Step 1 - Honest and Accurate Content

Web content optimization strategy is not a new thing. It has been in existence since many decades. The key is to understand that fabricated content does not appeal to anyone. Hence, the best website content has to be honest content. As you focus on adding honest, relevant and accurate content to your site, you actually add to the credibility of your website. This will have you more happy and satisfied customers as you attempt to deliver precisely what's promised. Make sure you avoid all kinds of click-baits in keywords, image alt tags, and headlines as this may hamper the reputation of your website.

Step 2 - User Centric Content

Always make clients your top priority. This is possible if you focus on making web design and content user-centric. So get into the shoes of your user and know what your customer wants. This is important to create content that attracts users. Remember that reliability gives way to a long term friendship. Make sure you show client that you have things in common.

Step 3 - Scannable and Simple Content

You are on a research spree. Here, gathering information related to a specific product and different providers is vital. A lot of the time people simply scan through the content as they don't get ample time to read. Dealing with the mindset is possible by making the content “scan-friendly”. This way, the potential client can get a good idea of your content quality. All you need is simply scanning your website.

Additionally, it is important to ensure the content minimalistic and easy. Do not add any jargons or terms that will make your clients grab a dictionary.

Step 4 - Learn SEO Basics

Since it is not possible to repeat keywords in the present day, simply go back to the basics for Search Engine Optimization. You need to start from there. When designing the content search engines love, there are certain things you need to learn such as Title, Meta Description, H1 (The headline is the tag for Search Engines), Image Alt Tag, and URLs. Also remember that minimalistic and shorter URLs tend to attract more clicks. It is advisable to keep it short, simple and significant. Also, do not overdo with keywords or over do the keyword. You must include variations of it. Let the keyword show up in the headline and title. You may also use it twice or thrice in the entire body.

Step 5 – Keep Keyword Repetition at the Lowest

This is an excellent tool for search engine optimization. Unfortunately, this trick has already reached to the robots. Hence, you may be penalized for baiting the users through keyword repetition. Additionally, it is quite irritating to read the recurrence of the same word when scanning. In short, you must use keywords, but make double sure that you don’t overdo it.

Step 6 – Focus on Crosslink

There are several benefits of cross linking. One of the best ones is that it lets you gain higher search engine ranking via increasing the number of crosslinks on your business website. In simple words, Simply put, linking to relevant websites through sidebar linking or in-content will make search engines add to the relevance of your website. This ultimately results in higher rank for your domain.

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind while crosslinking including originality and uniqueness of content, theme similarity between the linked content, best user experience, use of appropriate keywords, and making it all seem natural. You must avoid forcing it.

Step 7 – Accept the Flow

It is very crucial to follow all of the above listed steps for Search Engine Optimization. However, it is also very important to make sure it doesn’t seem awkward or made up. Anything that seems forced into the human does not really work well with search engines. The key is to keep both the Search Engine and the human happy. This means whenever you’re not forced to repeat a keyword, or add frailty without any reason, simply go with the flow, following all of the instructions.

Following the above listed 7 steps will help you optimize your web content for both human & search engines.


The best way to optimize content is to have a big unique content with keywords in it. And don't forget to add LSI keywords which also comes into play. Find more discussion on this topic at our question and answer website.

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