Monday, 7 November 2016

10 Incredibly Easy Ways to Make Money on Twitter

There are a huge number of ways to make money on the internet. Although all of them are not created equal, Twitter will offer you excellent opportunities than so as to generate additional income. Interestingly, many have even made immensely successful careers out of the money made with Twitter. There's absolutely no need to be a social media wizard to mimic the success of these individuals. You simply require applying a certain amount of creativity and passion to carry it out.

Twitter is an amazing social media network for the modern day users. It has already gained over three hundred million users since its launch in the year 2006. Most users are businesses. Twitter is widely used for staying abreast with consumers' interests / demands and give them messages related to deals and brands.

Personal users use Twitter for promoting careers, services and even partners. So if you have the skill and passion, and are a talented Twitter user, exploit this platform to make money! Here, it is very important to be a good marketer yourself. You should also be an expert in marketing for others and staying in touch with the latest trends and current events.

Focus on being an adept Twitter user. It is not possible to make a lot of money on Twitter as a rudimentary user or with mediocre skills. Make sure you are really good at getting followers to your accounts. Try using several accounts together and creating catchy tweets.

Listed below are some real good ways to make money on Twitter:

1. Crowdsource

Crowdsourcing can be defined as the best practice for soliciting ideas and contributions from a large community or a group. The technique has been adored and vouched for by online marketing experts for years together. Crowsource is a star in the field of social media. It makes for a super effective way to attract contributions with Twitter from followers (new and old). This way, you can effectively fund your business or idea. The process is especially useful in combination with another process such as the Kickstarter. Crowdsourcing can actually help you to make you plenty of money, or at least capital. However, you must focus on doing it correctly. Also make sure you read up on plenty of successful case studies prior to actually attempting to start your first project.

2. Business Account

You need to use Twitter for your business account. Since social media accounts are perfect for website lead generation, you can use a lead capture strategy or give away Twitter-only deals to be able to make money. Also give away free content or a free trial for your followers. Once the user clicks a Twitter link and signs up for an account this giveaway can be sent their way. You can also earn good money via getting in touch with these leads through emails. Also attach product offers specifically targeted to their interests. In case, you have a product to sell on your website, use Twitter as a way to reach out to potential customers. All you need to do is engage in discussions on various relevant topics and integrate links to your products. A lot of e-commerce companies are using Twitter for offering special deals and advance opportunities to nab all popular products.

3. Sponsored Tweets

These are a very popular ad service specifically made for Twitter, which allows users to set their own price-per-click for ads that are tweeted. It is possible to select the best from these ads tweeted from a list of available ads updated on a regular basis. You must have at least the following listed to be able to sign up and benefit from this service:

- 100 tweets
- An account (at least 60 days old)

4. Sell Services

One of the best ways to make money on Twitter is to sell services! Most professionals prefer using Twitter as one of the best ways to stay in touch with other people in their industry. This is the brand new way of networking that facilitates user to develop new associations, partnerships and sell themselves to do the work. In case, you are not comfortable with promoting yourself from your professional account, don't worry. Simply take it as a common practice. You must get into the habit of little self promotion which is crucial to quickly lead to a job.


This is yet another ad service that allows you to send out advertisements in your tweets. It will not give you paid-per-click. You will create an impressive profile of your interests to allow advertisers choose your account for publicizing a campaign. You should also agree to send out a specific number of tweets. This needs to be done on a specific schedule to be able to get paid a lump sum amount.

6. Tweet Swapping

Yes, you can actually barter with it! In case, you are not really comfortable being a merchant partnering with affiliate marketers, you may still turn your Twitter following into sales. Here, it is important to consider a non-cash, barter exchange with various other users with significant followings. You need to tweet about their website or business. Thereafter, it is their turn to return the favor for you. Remember that Tweet Swapping is not for everyone. You need to be creative and find a unique way to generate a little buzz. Try exposing your business to various new potential customers sans spending any money.

7. Rev Twt

This is a very popular Twitter-based advertising service which offers a beneficial pay-per-click platform. All you need is a good reputation and followers. The more followers you have and higher the reputation you have, the greater are the chances for your access to high-paying campaigns. All payouts are made via PayPal as soon as you reach $20 in earnings.

8. Twittad

The popular Twittad  platform is known to be one of the first sponsored-tweet networks. It allows you to set your own cost-per-click. However, you must wait for advertisers to accept your bid. You must also identify your niche to help advertisers match their products with you in the best way! All payments are made via PayPal as soon as you have reached $30 in earnings.

9. Tweet Adder Affiliate Program

You can join the affiliate program for this brilliant Twitter marketing and management software. It includes detailed tutorials and strategy guides to help you get started. Affiliates can easily earn around 50 per cent commission on direct sales referred to the program.

10. Build Links

Yes, one of the most valuable things you can achieve from Twitter activity is a link to your website(s). Here, no money is bartered for a link, but users can enjoy some real clear indirect benefits. For instance, the links to your content will expose brand new audiences to your website. This helps you to move up the search rankings too. When done in a correct way, Twitter may work as an amazing tool for highlighting the content that you had published on the World  Wide Web and inspiring other users to send links to it. The process ensures a significant payoff down the road because it results in more number of visitors and potential customers.