Monday, 26 September 2016

4 Easy Steps To Build A Guest Posting Strategy That Rocks

Guest posting is one of the most useful strategies to attract target audience to your website. However, one needs to know what exactly it is, how to use it and what to do in order to get desired results. Introducing new unique and effective strategies is very important. Here are 4 easy yet very effective steps to build a guest posting strategy that offers desired results:

Step 1: Locating Viable Targets for Guest Blogging

Prior to starting a guest posting campaign, it is crucial to make sure that your efforts pay off at the end. You must locate viable targets for guest posting. Here, simply focus on blogs and resources that backlinks and work towards boosting the authority of your website. It will also attract traffic and potential clients.

It is important to avoid going around randomly and offering to write for different blogs. You must focus on considering whether they accept posts, what their niche is, and whether they are an authority in their field. Make sure you find blogs that accept guest posts and suit your niche. This can be done in various ways, such as Google search strings, already existing target lists (sorted by niche), comments on the blog, author bios relevant to your niche, and many others.

Step 2: Reach Out

There are times when a guest posts appear once someone reaches out to you and enquires about it. However, this doesn't mean you need to sit in one place and wait for somebody to come. This is lazy! The wait will be longer than you had imagined. This clearly indicates you require reaching out to various bloggers, administrators and webmasters on your own. Getting actively engaged in networking or promoting your own brand is some of the best efforts in the right direction.

Here's how you can actively reach out to the bloggers you have chosen:

Try and interact with the blog. This will help them know about you.
Make sure you clearly define the topic of the blog and the type of content published.
Assess the style of the blog.
You need to brainstorm the ideas and titles for your posts.
Write a guest post.

Step 3: Sales Pitch is Important

You require being honest with yourself. This clearly means once you reach out to a blog and ask them to publish your post, you need them. And the harsh truth is - they can do fairly well without you! So if you are dealing with big shot authority blogs, be prepared to face some serious issues related to sales resistance.

The idea is to approach each blog individually. You must focus on being respectful yet very confident. Emphasise your letters on what your blogger you are talking to requires, not what you need. Last but not the least, keep it very short and snappy.

Step 4: Promote Your Posts

Your job is not done once the post is published. In fact, the real work starts the moment it gets published. All of your efforts should be directed towards squeezing as much out of it as possible. This will help benefit you personally and boost your standing with blogger. Active promotion of posts on social media will help you gain several other social shares and comments.

Here, it is crucial that you draw traffic towards your guest post from:

- Your own blog
- Your social media accounts

You need to promote the post via answering comments. Here, you must focus on doing everything that depicts you as an efficient guest blogger. Guest posting is also considered as one of the major promotion strategy. Experts in the blogging field find it the best way to draw traffic. The more you understand the process and its importance, the more you will be able to derive benefits from it.