Tuesday, 27 September 2016

6 Bad Link-Building Habits You Must Know About and Break Immediately

Presently, link building is more than just about the link. It is about integrating a very strong strategy to get links from a relevant and quality site that drives traffic and sales. This demands following certain rules and most importantly, breaking certain bad habits.

Here are some bad link building habits that you know about and break in order to benefit from it:

1. No Follow Up

Most people do not focus on following up. There are some people who may respond only second or third try. According to a research, it has been proven that around 20 per cent of links were developed due to dedicated following up with webmasters. One of the best ways is to review communication thread for each link built. You must send a good number of follow-up emails.

2. Sole Focus on PageRank

PageRank is widely used by Google for measuring a value of a page. As a link builder, most people aim towards finding pages with a high value (or PageRank) in order to link back to your site. However, the focus should on website overall in spite of the PageRank. You must consider several things while evaluating a website. This should include whether the website is reputable, reputation of authors, good incoming links towards the site, positive web presence and quality of web content.

3. Not Vetting Website Prior to Contact

In the event you send an email to a webmaster who is ready to link, make sure you take a look at the website for the second time. There are times, when despite decent metrics, the writing is poor and the entire website looks paid. The website may also comprise of hacked pages which are no longer indexed by Google. So if you get an affirmative response to link, check the site carefully and disapprove if you find the website inappropriate.

4. No Knowledge about FTC And Google Guidelines

There is a difference between knowing and following FTC and Google guidelines. It is very important that you are aware of them. This will help you get maximum benefits of link building.

5. No Answers to Webmasters’ Queries

It is crucial to know and assess a webmaster's reaction to linking. In case, you find them hesitant, uncomfortable or worried about linking despite everything being 'nofollowed' and 'disclosed', strictly avoid pushing them to do what you want. Strictly avoid lying to them or hiding the truth. Do not pretend nothing bad could happen in the future.

6. Not Optimizing Anchor Text

A very crucial aspect of link building is to control the anchor text. If you don’t know how to optimize your anchor text, then strictly avoid indulging in any link building activity. Using appropriate anchor text will allow your website to get to the top of the search engine results at least 20 faster as compared to when you do not use it.
Breaking the above mentioned bad habits will allow you to get maximum benefits of link building strategy you integrate.