Monday, 5 December 2016

8 Tools to Help Content Marketers With Blocking and Tackling SEO

Most professionals find the task of developing a great piece of content, time-consuming. A lot goes into preparing content, including:

- Make sure it drives organic search traffic to your website
- Optimize it well

There are many dynamic tools experts use to simplify optimization search engine for your content at all levels. Using these will make the task smoother, successful and time saving. Listed below are 8 tools that help content marketers block and tackle SEO:

1. BuzzBundle

This is yet another way to promote your content. It will also help you build some amazing links. BizzBundle helps with searching for questions relevant to topic of content on the following:

- Social networks
- Forums
- Blogs

The tool facilitates you to enter your keyword phrase and look for posts relevant to your topic. All of this is possible under one roof. In case, your visitors enquire about your topic, simply answer them with a link to your content. This is relevant, beneficial to your potential clients and usually appreciated.

2. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

This is a keyword research tool that's often underestimated as a powerful content marketing tool. All you require doing is entering a topic idea to get up to eight hundred suggested keyword phrases for that specific idea. The tool also helps downloading these ideas into a spreadsheet. Thereafter, you may sort them via search volume and get content topics for the most popular results. The tool promises you a huge number of content ideas.

3. BuzzSumo

This is a premium tool that facilitates users see the top content on a specific topic for social sharing volume. Clicking on the following buttons will help you to view backlinks from various other content and those that have shared content on Twitter:

- View Sharers Buttons
- View Backlinks

4. Impactana

Wish to learn more about a specific piece of content? If social sharing metrics on content is not the only information you wish to have, trust Impactana. This is a premium tool that facilitates users to see the following received by any piece of content:

- Number of backlinks
- Comments
- Views

Metrics of comments and views are very useful in determining whether or not a piece of content possesses a good number of social shares or links yet no traffic. The metrics also facilitate you to determine if links or shares or links have been purchased.

5. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Don't know how to come up with actual titles for keywords? Use HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator. This tool is very helpful in developing specific titles. Once you enter a couple of keywords from your spreadsheet, it is possible to get some great title ideas. All you need to do is scroll below those ideas in order to enter your information which shows a spreadsheet that helps with generating over two hundred more blog post titles.

6. Grammarly

Do you have an editor to look over your content? If no, then Grammarly is just the right tool for you. It offers in-depth error checking which is beyond what Google Docs and Microsoft Word offer. Configuring Grammarly to look for issues based on content type created is important. You may also choose the type of issues it detects. The dynamic tool helps you to prevent you from losing various links and social shares to grammatical errors. Grammerly is very helpful for those do not write in their native language.

7. Sendible

This is a brilliant social media management tool that can share your content quickly with a variety of social networks. It is possible to review the analytics for each share. You can easily repost content to different or same networks for continued promotion.

8. WordPress SEO

If you develop content in WordPress on their own domain, WordPress SEO is a must have. The plugin will help you to configure SEO settings for each piece of content written. Thereafter, it assesses it for keyword optimization. It is possible to switch over to the Page Analysis tab for better tips on how to improve your content’s keyword optimization for search. It is best to install the tool to a site that doesn't give access to this plugin. All you need to do is install it on your own WordPress website. Then save the post as a draft. This runs it through WordPress SEO analysis.


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