Wednesday, 4 January 2017

6 Best Ways To Build Powerful Whitehat Backlinks to Rank Your Niche Site

Attracting high authority backlinks is the best, long term and sustainable way to rank on top of Google search rankings. According to a research by Moz, it is revealed that there’s a direct relationship between high quality backlinks and Google search rankings. The higher the quality of backlinks, higher your search rankings.

However, the most important thing to understand is the way link building has changed after the Penguin era. Yes, now it is not as easy as writing a huge bunch of spun articles with backlinks and post them to various article directories and websites. In earlier days, people used to get irrelevant spun articles in huge number and then add to websites. The best part is that they still got amazing rewards by Google.

Unfortunately, that's not the case today! First, it is important to understand that all links are not equal. Only the right links can get you promoted in search results. On the other hand, the wrong ones will get you penalized. In some severe cases, you will even get blacklisted by Google.

Hence, prior to getting backlinks from a specific domain, ask the following questions to yourself:

- Is the link relevant to the content of your site?
- Does it have a high DA score?
- Does it link to you naturally?

Apart from relevance, the following factors should be considered prior to choosing a domain for backlinking:

- Domain authority (DA)
- Page authority (PA)

In other words, DA and PA are the new PageRank. Presently, PR is an outdated metric for SEO and should not be taken seriously.

1. Calculating DA

It is easier to calculate the DA of a domain. All you need to do is install the MOZ SEO toolbar. DA makes for a crucial component of the Google ranking algorithm. Creating high quality content and indulging in efforts such as spreading the word will help you get quality backlinks.

Listed below are some very powerful ways to build pure whitehat backlinks that rank you higher for your niche:

2. Use Guestographics

One of the most popular forms of content capable of attracting backlinks is infographics. These get shared more frequently on social media. When combined with a comprehensive guest blogging strategy, it will attract a huge number of authority backlinks.

Guestographic approach makes for a wonderful shortcut to landing guest posts on all high authority blogs in your niche. All you need to do is use BuzzSumo for researching the most popular content in your niche. This will provide you with a list of blog posts with the highest social shares. Thereafter, you can identify a topic and collect a good amount of data and numbers about it. Now convert it into an infographic.

For instance, if your niche sector is beauty services, develop a data driven infographic on tips for beauty and associated issues such as those that helps one look younger and beautiful in 10-15 steps. Get a nice infographic designed by a professional designer within your budget. Follow these steps once the infographic is ready:

Step 1 - Publish infographic on your blog.
Step 2 - Focus on making it Embeddable via using the embed code generator.
Step 3 - Reach out to the websites that have published similar content.
Step 4 - Offer these sites the infographic.
Step 5 - Offer a short unique guest post to the blog describing the infographic. Also include your link in this short guest post.

3. Claim Your Links

There are times when people may mention your name or blog in their content. However, they may get the link wrong. Sometimes they don’t link at all. In case, you are successful in reaching out to them, there is greater probability of getting a backlink. This kind of approach will help you unearth some high links.

There are a number of tools you may use to find these mentions. Some of the best ones include Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, or Mention. Try setting up some Google alerts for your brand and name of the blog. Thereafter, you can keep tabs on new mentions from time to time. See if you these mentions are linked to your site properly the moment you get them. In case, you are unable to see the link, simply reach out and ask the blog owner if she/he could add the link. Be courteous, polite, and appreciate that he/she mentioned you on his blog.

4. Link to Relevant Content and Reach Out

According to research and studies, link out to other people’s content frequently will increase your chances to gain backlinks yourself. Many experts recommend linking to 4-5 outside sources (at a minimum) in every 1000 words. However, when it comes to the increasing probability of gaining backlinks back, reach out to bloggers you link to is very important.

There are several ways to do that. Try out Twitter. Mentioning on Twitter directly will allow influencers review your post and provide you with a quick RT. Although it is not a backlink, it exposes your content to several other individuals who will link back to you.

Another best way is to send email to influencers after publishing a blog post where you have mentioned an outside source.

5. Content Submission to Link Parties and Round-ups

Blogs in most niches run weekly or monthly link roundups. These roundups are majorly mainly the “best of the month/week” kind of posts. This is precisely where the author shares links from varied blogs.
Searching for roundups is easier. All you need to do is use some search queries in your niche such as:

- “your niche + best of the month”
- “your niche + weekly roundup”
- “your niche + link party”

Simply land on each website once in order to get link juice. The process is certainly worth investing time and efforts.

6. Submit Website to Web 2.0 and Website Feedback Services

Web 2.0 backlinks make for a powerful way to help rank higher in search results. However, this is possible only if you do it the right manner. Choosing the wrong way means hurt your rank. Remember that Google will catch you easily via manipulating its algorithms. Here is a list of some of the popular Web 2.0 sites that you can use to build high quality backlinks:


Another way to find backlinks easily is by submitting your website to varied website review services.