Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Reasons Designers and Web Developers Must Work Together

Website development is a serious task. Hence, it demands a lot of hard work and dedication from a team of developers and designers. In most cases, designers and developers work individually to come up with a client's requirements. However, many have realized the importance of encouraging a collaboration between the experts from two different streams.

Designers and developers can create magic when they work together. When important people work together on a project, it gets easier to create something incredible. Although the two have different skill sets and ideas for a project, the goals are same. This kind of collaboration result in harnessing methods of design together. And the end result is amazing! The final product has a better designed experience for the user.

Web Designer vs. Web Developer

Web designers make use of a graphic design software package. One of the most popular one is Adobe Photoshop. They decide on how the website will look. Thereafter, the web developer uses the design to code hypertext markup language, jQuery, Javascript, CSS and alternative programming languages. This ensures that the design works on the internet and gets appreciated by search engines. Designers and developers may work from separate places, capabilities of the opposite can ensure a phenomenal website. Hence, it is crucial that they work along.

The Benefits

Better User Experience

Synergy of two different minds can solve problems. First, it is important to understand that designers and developers contribute to a website project in different ways. Both are critical to success of a project. Working in collaboration will ensure clients a more seamless, highly interactive process that helps get the job done better and in an easier way.

Eliminate Hiccups

Joining forces will help everyone involved in the project can plan more effectively. There's no need to worry about the fact that the initial design the client fell for isn’t going to work. Here, the designers do not pass on the design to develop after creating it. The idea is to collaborate throughout the process and contribute towards making all crucial elements work from the get go. The designer might come up with a very clean design that appears easy. However, coding many be potentially impossible, and vice versa. Collaborating together prevents having to backtrack way after something has already been approved by the client.

Teaming up of two experts will help them go beyond meeting the client’s requirements. They can actually exceed their expectations. Working as a team helps keep a project within budget and timeline by allowing designers and creative team know what is possible and what’s not.

Above Design

It is no secret that designers and developers approach problems from diverse angles. The two live in different worlds. However, they are also critical pieces of an important puzzle. Developers are fully aware of what is achievable from a technical standpoint. So if their client has a tight budget,
they know an alternative, more budget-friendly design needs to be offered. This may not be known to the designer.

While a designer is familiar with the visual styles of a site, the developer understands the place these design patterns are implemented. Designers have a better idea of hot trends and keeping the design fresh and innovative. Communicating with each other will ensure a great website in all aspects.

Pairing Designers and Developers – How to Do it Right?

It is not tough to have developers and designers work together. First, they can start by getting opinions from others. Establishing communication on a regular basis will allow designers understand they can rely on their developers.

A Designer and developer can chat and get feedback, insights, and ideas from each other. The two shouldn't be afraid to reach out. Sometimes a design may look splendid but things may not go right once fully developed. A developer must identify this and supply it to the designer for their expertise.

Web developers need to be included in all crucial internal and client conversations. For instance, a  developer should be a part of all strategy and brainstorming and strategy sessions. This helps the entire team to stay on toes with new unique ideas. Any great suggestions can be polished up and worked into the project instantly instead of towards the end, which usually creates a lot of confusion and problems. Doing this will let everyone share their own experiences and insight about a project.

Benefits of Designer Developer Coordination – At a Glance

- You get a second set of expertise to look everything over and find flaws or mistakes
- More creative brainstorming and design
- Complete experience as designers can understand what the developer can create.
- The end product is more cohesive. All parts of the website are in sync.
- Dual specialization – Look and Functionality of the project.

To Sum Up

With so many benefits of web designers and developers working together, there's no doubt the two should collaborate. And why not, at the end of the day both have a singular goal - To develop a remarkable performance oriented website.