Friday, 17 March 2017

Top 15 Predictions for Digital Marketing in 2017 – The Trends to Expect!

Worldwide adoption and prominence of digital marketing has increased through the years. The marketing concept has helped consumers have the world at their fingertips. It successfully created a global marketplace where businesses (big and small) compete on the same platform!

So what's in store for the year 2017? Well, the year promises a wonderful year from the digital marketing perspective. Here are top predictions for the year:

1. Cross-Device Marketing

People these days are using multiple devices. They have at least two digital devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet). So marketing across channels and devices is the new trend and a standard that has been set. So businesses need to be where the customers are. Marketing endeavors require being coordinated. This will allow for a consistent feel across multiple devices possessing varying resolutions and screen sizes. Mobile optimization of a business website is a first must-have. The email settings should be established for both desktop and mobile readers. All of your marketing campaigns need to be optimized for desktop and mobile. Keep a clear count of ROI per campaign, per device. This will keep you informed about your success rate and the places where your audience is most responsive.

2. Influencer Marketing

This concept is all set to explode this year. Social proof of brands and products is important for consumers. So when a favorite celebrity or blogger promotes a product, they are more inclined to trust that endorsement as compared to any email campaign or plain advertisement coming directly from the brand.

3. Mobile First

Mobile is the trend of 2017. From your business website to email campaigns, everything needs to be formatted for mobile. Optimize for mobile before the desktop. Remember all of your potential clients are viewing websites, reading email, and perusing social media on their mobile devices.

4. Personalization

Increased personalization is a trend that's going to explode in 2017. Personal touch and recognition is highly valued by customers. Regardless of their position in the customer lifecycle, the kind of customization goes demands marketing efforts to addressing several things, including consumer behaviors, device preferences, spending habits, time zones, and languages. So it is time to embrace points of differentiation of target audience and categorize your customers accordingly.

5. Rise of Small Business

Expect a rise in small businesses tapping into Twitter’s Dashboard app, Facebook Insights, and Instagram analytics. They will use these platforms to meet customers’ needs. The platforms are easy to understand and ensure easier access to relevant insights. This means one doesn't need to be a data wizard to make sense of the information. All you need to do is invest in understand these metrics and watch your business thank you!

6. Shrinking Organic Listing

This will come as a shock to the SEO world! Organic listings will shrink as PPC and Local Paid Inclusion takes hold. It is true that Google will turn into a pay-to-play space with top few organic rankings getting continual search traffic (mainly for information-centric websites).

7. Mobile Domination

As already discussed, mobile will dominate the traffic on the web.

8. Voice Search

This is going to exceed half of all searches. Now you will see the concept of keywords flipping as people speak more than typing.

9. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

They are here finally! Although new, they will make a decent place in the field of digital marketing.

10. Growth of PPC

This is going to experience exponential growth. The first screen will entirely be dedicated to paid ads! After all, how do you think Google makes money? Organic listings are certainly the answer!

11. Shopping on Instagram

Instagram will be adored by Shopaholics. The storefronts and affiliate programs will experience massive growth. The Instagram shopping field will thrive.

12. Overflow of Social Media Ads

Yes, the overflow on social media will continue to grow! Although an inappropriate channel for ads, ads are doing really well!

13. Change of Virtual Room Behavior

There will be a significant modification in behavior around virtual social rooms. All social media users and platforms will innovate and adopt new means of social engagement. This will be preferred against the customary approach of meeting people in person. Virtual reality (VR) chat rooms will turn into a brand new social experience.

14. Content will Remain the King

Of course, this will continue to remain the significant SEO focus. This is what's going to drive most projects round the year. The quality of the content will be judged critically. Hence, content for content’s sake will not prevail!

15. Advent of New Tools

This will facilitate content marketers produce targeted, high-quality content at the publishing stage. Content writers will demand more data. They will become more technically expert, bold and prefer easy-to-use tools that provide traffic and competitor SEO stats.


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