Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Top Reasons To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

Each one of us have fantasised a technology that promises solutions to queries sans any delay. The wish is not far fetched; at least not in this era where Google, Bing and Amazon Echo have already set into the path of fulfilling it for their dedicated users. Voice and conversational search is the most sought after technology, these days.

Change is the buzz word. Each one of us would love to embrace a change that promises to make our lives easier. No wonder interactive search queries are more in demand than the old text queries. These promises to save users a lot of time. As per a research, it has been revealed that 55 percent of adults and 41 percent of adults use voice search every day. This is because people like the idea of getting direct answers as compared to links. Hence, the voice search SEO strategy is the most sought after. It ensures a bright future for businesses online.

Voice Search

With improvement in technology, voice chat has been recognised highly reliable. In the past few years, word error rate was around 20 per cent. However, speech recognition, word error rate is very low (8%).

Smart Search

Did you know only a few people type the way they speak? In most cases, people use short hand kind of language while typing. However, voice search comprises of full question. No wonder some of the programs such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Now have become very popular. These have got better and more refined with time. Studies have revealed a sharp increase in the use of these programs.

Conversational Voice Search

Google can answer queries without any hassles. For instance, a query - “Where is the Qutub Minar”. Now if you ask “Show me pictures ” google understands the actual reference of Qutub Minar.

Location Based Queries

This is a major benefit. For instance, you are based in Noida and search for “Restaurants”, google knows your location and will return queries based on your location. So expect a list of the best Restaurants in Delhi.


Google is blessed with a machine learning based algorithm. This is smart and can easily learn about the  individual. It is capable of directly handling transactions related queries such as “Buy a pair of lenses”. So it will remember your power and instantly takes you to the catalog of products displaying lenses suitable for your eyes.

SEO Impact

Voice Search definitely has a tremendous impact on Search Engines. Most organizations are focusing on long tail keywords than the shorter ones. The content gets more specific and user-centric. Understanding people typing a query and their needs will help businesses a lot.

Long Tail Keywords

Focus on long tail keywords makes the voice search more specific to a specific topic which the user would want to find answers to. This saves their time in searching or going through content on a very vast topic.

Schema Markup

Search engine usually looks for query context in general searches. Context refers to the previous question. It may even refer to any individual or location. The HTML add-on facilitates search engines understand the content, context easily, and help you rank well in normal searches. This will also make you more relevant in specific queries made through voice search.

Metadata Optimization

Metadata of a website is usually stored on robot.txt and sitmap.xml files. Proper focus on the sitemap and robot file will make these easily readable and visible to search engines.