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Best Marketing Tips for Using Google Plus For Business - Take Your Business to the Top

Google Plus marketing is one of the best options for business options these days. Unfortunately, most people are not really aware of this. Yes, according to studies, Google+ enjoys over 150 million active users on a monthly basis. Interestingly, 50 per cent of its users sign on almost every day! That's incredible!

Marketing on Google+ is an amazing idea. There are a number of benefits  G+ promises over other social networks. For instance, its influence on SEO is one of the major advantages. You can also go for some of the incredible tools that cannot be found in other places such as Google Plus Ripples, Google Hangouts etc.

Use of Google Plus for online business makes for one of the most powerful ways to reach out new audience. You can easily boost your SEO and sales. Here are some of the best marketing tips to take you to the top:

Personalize for Business

First and foremost, you need to personalize Google Plus for your brand. As soon as your page gets personalized, you will be all set for marketing your product. Personalizing profile is crucial! The 'About Us' page should stand out, reflect personality of business in the best possible way, and direct page viewers to relevant pages.

This is possible if you describe your business clearly. Include references or write description to show what your business is all about. Thereafter, you can hyperlink text as a call to action for visitors to click through to your website.

Next, you need to claim a Google Plus Page Custom URL. This option is added by Google to supply your Google Plus page with a custom, personalized URL. The process helps with branding your page via making URL company related as compared to a random string of numbers.

Relevant Community on Google

It is very important to build a community around page to ensure effective. Apart from having a community, you should also focus on having a community relevant to your niche. There are some amazing great ways to build up the Google Plus Community.

First, you need to search through Google+ and see if anyone is mentioning your business. The process is easier for establishing page as people have tagged you in the post. For others Google Plus search bar is the best place to start. You can find people individuals who have mentioned your company name without having tagged you in the post.

You can use 'Google Ripples' and know who shares your content. Content sharing does not necessarily mean credit to the content, your services or products. In fact, the content may be getting shared abruptly and for no reason at all. Thankfully, with Ripples by Google Plus, it is easier to locate and trace these shares. It also helps in finding all kinds of people who have actually shared your content. It also works as a competitor research tool. Simply have a look at who shares posts of your competitor and who you would like to connect with.

Regular posts to Build Audience and Promote Your Page

While building up community, you can post consistently to your page. In case, people add you to their circles, you need to provide them with quality content. Automation tools such HootSuite will help with consistent flow of content. Make sure you interact with those who shares your content. You may either leave a comment or give it a +1 to show your appreciation. Using hash tags is one of the best ways to increase interaction with your posts. Hashtags categorize your posts and allow anyone to discover what you write while searching for that hashtag. Google automatically gives one or two hashtags to posts. However, you should focus on adding as many as you wish to on your own.

Another good way is to make use of custom formatting options. Google Plus facilitates you to customize appearance of text which means you can easily bold, italicize, or strike through text in your posts. This way, you can get your message across clearer or even draw attention to certain parts of your post.

Google Hangouts

These are a free video chat that provides you with the ability to host a chat with around 10 participants. It also opens up limitless possibilities. This means you can easily host webinars, add question answer sessions, provide customer support, live stream chats to YouTube and much more.

Local Google Plus for Local Businesses

Google Plus has come up with a powerful amazing feature for local businesses. It promises to help them in various ways. The feature is quite similar to having a local business page on Facebook which allows for setting location, business type, and a lot more. Clients can easily leave ratings and reviews seen by other people visiting your page. The reviews act as social proof. Here, the reviews are displayed to people with reviewers in their circles. In short, they can have a close look at reviews written by people they know.

Make sure you inspire fans to review your business. One good way is to incentivize the whole thing for them. Offer something exciting in exchange for a review.

Boost your business in the search results within Google Plus and Google itself. Users can easily search on Google Local by location for desired business. Simply ensure that your location is placed in correctly, including the following to boost business in local results:

- Contact info
- Keywords

Google reviews can be seen in the regular search result. Thereafter, you can have a look at business information taken from its G+ page inside the box on the side. The box provides relevant info, directions, and also includes some call to actions, such as asking for a review and follow on Google+.

Another good  way to boost business is via setting up a Google Local page correctly and optimizing it with keywords.

Final Words

Google+ is surely one of the best things with a lot to offer your business through its unique features enabling you to establish a strong connect with the audience and through its significance for Search Engine Optimization.

Following the above listed tips will help you to get the best of the benefits of Google Plus for business success!


Google plus marketing can do wonders if planned carefully, nice post, thankyou!

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