Saturday, 24 December 2016

Understanding The Difference Between External and Internal Links

It is crucial to know the difference between external and internal links and use it strategically as part of your overall digital marketing plan. In fact, each type of link holds a special place in the strategic SEO plan aimed at enhancing rank of your website on the SERP (search engine results page).

What's the Difference?

External Links

- These points from one domain to a different domain.
- External links may emerge from your website to another website in order to provide additional information for readers.
- In some cases, these may be linked from your website towards an affiliate program.
- These are links from other websites into yours.

Internal Links

- These links just point within your own specific domain or website.
- The menu bar at the top of your site has internal links.
- Links from web pages on your site to your contact page are also an example of internal links.

To Sum Up

External links - These points to a separate domain.

Internal links – These points to content within the same domain.

How to Use External and Internal Links for SEO

First and foremost, both external and internal links hold a special place in an SEO strategy. Listed below are some tips on using these strategies:

External links help building visibility. Coming from other websites into your content, these serve as a great source of free traffic. The links are a crucial component of search engine algorithm of Google. For better results, it is important to concentrate on quality and the quantity of links. Fix or remove links from poor-quality sites immediately to avoid negative consequences.

Do the following to encourage links into your website:

- Add only rich, highly relevant content to your website.
- Develop an outreach program and ensure offering to guest post on various other sites in your niche in exchange for a link into your own site.
- Add link-embedded infographics with HTML code (these need to be copied and used on other sites)
- Make direct requests to webmasters for adding links.

External links help readers more than website owners as they add very little in terms of strategic SEO value. These links may connect readers to resources such as information or products. Here, the benefits of SEO benefits will accrue for the website you link to and not your own.

Internal Links

These links build your SEO and come with varied SEO benefits. Once search engine spiders locate your website, they will follow links to explore additional pages on your site. Internal links form overall website structure. A logical linking structure is attractive visually and very effective as it facilitates content organization on your website and assists visitors find requested info without any delay. Sprinkle the following throughout the website to help readers and search engines discover your content:

- Common page elements
- Concise menu bar
- Natural page links

Locate and Fix Broken Links

Broken links are dangerous for your SEO score. Links not in working condition any more are referred to as broken links. These may not work due to the target website for a specific external link being offline. Another reason is that one of the pages has moved. A broken link or two may not affect your rankings. However, multiple broken links may cause a lot of risk. Broken links result in poor reading experience and low traffic rate. So make sure you identify and fix these links to boost your website.
The best way to get rid of these problems is to locate and fix broken links via using tools such as Broken Link Checker. This is a free tool that scans your website and finds out broken links. This will help you to visit each page, find the link and then remove it.

Links – Just the Start

According to SEO experts, the calculation of website's position on SERP (search engine page results) by Google and all other major search engines is based on consideration of 100 and 200 elements. Internal and external links are a small yet crucial part of this exercise.

It may take time to build your links and fix any that are broken, but all of your efforts will pay off in the long run by a boost in traffic and position in the SERPS. And that makes the effort worth it.


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