Saturday, 17 December 2016

Branding Strategy – The Rules of Hiring a Digital Agency

Now that you have decided on hiring a team to make your digital dreams a reality, here are some tips to ensure success for your branding strategy:

Shop Around

This is the starting point of making a wise decision on hiring a digital agency. Shopping around for comparable quotes will save you money and reach out to the best agency. So research online, speak to your friends about the agencies they are happy to refer.


Take a close look at the portfolio of the agency you wish to hire. See if the quality of their work is in line with your expectations. It will help to look for examples of the types of projects you expect to work on with your agency. Know if the team has worked with clients in the same niche/industry  solutions  offered are similar to your brand in the past. This information will help you know about the experience of an agency and their capacity to provide solutions for your business.

Plan a Budget

Addressing the expense is important. Have you allocated any amount for this initiative? What you can afford to spend? Being upfront about your budget has a lot benefits. Too small a budget should also be tackled. Be ready to listen to the specialists who would be handling your project. Also avoid going overboard with the budget. It is safe to work out a midway.

Do You Feel Important

How do you really feel while communicating with agency of choice? Do you feel like a top priority? Do they respond to your queries, concerns, and emails? Think twice about your decision if they take days to reply. This means your job is not being valued. Go for an agency that's fast and keen on your requests. A digital agency should put in all its efforts to keep you updated about status of the project.

You are Hiring a Staff Member

The process of choosing a digital agency should be no different than hiring a permanent staff member. You would want to hire specific skills to deliver value to your business. So make sure an agency is highly qualified to deliver and ready to remain accountable throughout the project. Also ask probing questions about their experience, team, past projects, and competence.

Do They Understand Your Expectations?

Know if the specialists working for digital agency have understood the project scope as well. Speak to them if possible. This will let you know how confident they're with the project and what best they can do with it.


See if the digital company outsources its projects. Outsourcing is not bad. However, it is crucial to make sure the work is being outsourced to specialists holding years of experience in their field of work. The only challenge for any agency is their ability to maintain freelance relationships in a way to ensure a best service to their clients. And this is what you should explore prior to hiring an agency.

Check References

Checking references is as important as looking for them. So make sure you speak to references of the  agency prior to signing a contract. Delaying reference checks can affect your business. Reviewing references thoroughly will help make the right decision.

The Contract

Read the contract well prior to making the final decision. This is important to a avoid any confusion in future.

Fix Up a Meeting with the Team

It is important to visit the offices of digital agency prior to signing on the dotted line. It is surprising but true that many organizations decide against a digital agency soon after a visit to the office. So it is important to pay a visit, meet the team, have a look at the environment and see how you feel about signing the contract.

To Sum Up

The constant growth of online retail has resulted in increase of digital spend. People have also started relying on digital agencies to bridge the 'expertise' gap. Deciding on the “right” digital agency can be tough. Any negligence or a wrong decision will prove dangerous for your business. However, the risks can be avoided by shopping around and being thorough in making queries, contract negotiation and checking of references.


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