Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Instagram Stories V Snapchat Stories – Getting the Best For Your Brand?

Digital marketing is about getting a business heard. These days, most of the social media platforms are busy rolling out new advanced features that help brands enjoy an edge over their competitors. There are several impressive platforms to choose from.

The new trend of video storytelling is here to stay. Many big brands are making efforts towards figuring out how they will adopt it. The stories feature of Instagram was introduced in August 2016. This has aroused many questions and queries in people's mind about the best investment option - Instagram or Snapchat?

Since Instagram has already released live video and direct messages, the two platforms, look more similar than before. Here's what the two look like:

Instagram and Snapchat Stories can:

- Capture video and photos
- Last for up to 24 hours
- Can be recorded in 10-second increments
- possess the ability to send and receive disappearing photos and videos
- Swipe left to rewatch a story
- Add text, emojis, drawings, and photos
- Facilitate viewers to send messages through stories

Since both possess so many similarities, users of each platform are confused. They don't know where to invest. Another confusion is whether they should share video of both.

Most small business owners do not have enough time to devote to both platforms. It is time to focus on places your customers are and where you must invest your valuable time. In short, you must be able to figure out which specific “story” is right for your business.

Audience and Demographics

You must consider the following while choosing a social media platform:

- Whether or not the target audience lives there
- Size and type of audiences


Most of the small businesses are devoting their time to post on Instagram. This helps them facilitate audience they’ve already built. The stories on Instagram can be viewed by your followers and anyone who comes across your profile and in search.

This also means you will get an opportunity to reach an even greater audience. The large user base of Instagram sets it apart. The count moves over 300 million daily active users. This  is almost double of Snapchat. The best part is that over 90 per cent of those users are under the age of 35 which makes it a an amazing choice for brands focused on 18-34 age bracket.


Most marketers recognize Snapchat as an extremely popular platform among social media users. In fact, around 7 out of 10 Snapchat users are millennials. Users on Snapchat are loyal and extremely engaged. Think about the audience you presently have, the wish to acquire and then go straight to the source.

The major challenge associated with social media is finding an opportunity to be discovered. In case, people do not see what you share on social media, nobody will be able to follow you. Also the journey to account discovery may vary from one platform to the other.


There is a discovery page built into the app that features accounts a user hasn’t followed yet. This collection is based on an algorithm and selects photos based on a user’s interests, current followers, location, etc. Instagram stories have recently joined the discovery page, giving yet another opportunity to get more eyes on your story and grow your following.

Is your Instagram account public? If yes, then your stories are too public. Anyone visiting your profile can get a view of your story. In short, you have double the chances of earning a follower:

1. Through the content of Instagram feed
2. Through the content in your Instagram story

No wonder most big brands has been enjoying more number of views on Instagram as compared to Snapchat.


It is not easy too build a following on Snapchat. You will not find any discovery feature, suggested followers, and auto-populate potential matches for adding a username. Snapchat users must know your exact snapcode or username to start following you and your story.

When it comes to growing a decent following on Snapchat, the process involves promoting it through various other channels. These may include:

- Featuring Snapchat name on the website
- Adding the name to a newsletter
- Asking Facebook followers to add you on Snapchat
- Requesting Twitter or Instagram followers to add you on Snapchat.

Here, depending on the engagement, the audience may or may not accept your request. It is important to invest constructive time into Instagram.

In case, you are not really sure of stories on Instagram or Snapchat, simply follow an easy way to use both. You can start off with Snapchat and save each post to “my memories”. You need to save these to camera roll, and then upload them through Instagram stories.

This means the same story is added to each platform. It makes for an easier way to compare the following and conclude what deserves your time and attention:

- Numbers of views you have been getting
- Audience engagement
- Growth of your following
- Ease of use

You may save time by visiting straight to the source. Know where your audience wants to see you. It is important to understand that social media is all about trial and error. The idea is to get out of there and assess what actually works for your business.


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