Friday, 3 February 2017

17 Effective Ways to Use Pinterest for Photography Business

Pinterest is definitely one good way to market your photography business online effectively. It allows simplified client interactions, ensure greater value to clients, and even keep your inspirations and masterpieces organized.

Professional photographers usually share their work on various social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. However, many underestimate the importance of using Pinterest. Photographers using this dynamic image-based platform to market photography and build a brand are benefitted.

Pinning photos, infographics, and videos to digital boards helps photographers gain greater exposure. They are also benefited by attracting more website traffic, blog traffic, and potential new clients.

New to Pinterest? Listed below are some tips to market your photography business the best using Pinterest:

1. Create a Business Account

A Pinterest business account will allow you to track your most popular boards and pins. This is important to make your business move ahead and inspire you to take apt steps towards the same.

2. Add Pinterest Browser Button to Your Browser

It is important to add Pinterest browser button to make it easier for you to pin photos to a variety of Pinterest boards. You can add it to your Pinterest browser button to your favorite browser or download the Pinterest app for mobile devices.

3. Create Pinterest Board

Once a business account is created and browser button is added on Pinterest, it is time to create a board that displays your masterpieces. Make sure you sift through your portfolio thoroughly and choose your best images. After selection, simply pin them to the board. It is important to link directly from an individual page or blog post. Avoid doing it from your general website or blog.

4. Additional Boards

If you deal with diverse types of photograph, it is beneficial to create several Pinterest boards. This will you to showcase your work. For example, you can create separate boards for an infant photoshoot, toddler photo shoot, maternity shoot and couple shoot.

5. Give Description

Optimize pins via using the following as per requirement:

- Keywords
- Links
- Categories
- Hashtags
You should also mention your name, location, and type(s) of photography you specialize in. Copyright symbol, date and year of shoot, etc. may also be mentioned.

6. Watermark

You should watermark photographs to ensure apt protection. It also makes it easier for pinner to search your business using the Pinterest search bar in case, your link doesn't work.

7. Storyboard

Pinning a single photograph at a time on Pinterest may not be a good idea. Place, a collection of images which makes for a storyboard. Upload it to your website or blog and pin it to one of Pinterest boards. It helps potential clients have a quick glance at multiple photos and get a nice feel for your work style.

8. Testimonial Board

If you have client testimonials on business websites, share them on Pinterest? This increases your credibility among followers.

9. Board for Present Clients

It is important that you have a separate board for your current clients. They may need your help while looking for something new and unique to wear for their new photo session. So you can create a new “What to Wear”, “The Accessories” and “Make up Guide” boards. Try creating inspiration boards if you deal with different categories of the shoot. For instance, you can create boards for your current clients under engagement shoot ideas, reception decorations, wedding venues, etc.

10. Follow Other Users

Following other Pinterest users will help you build up a substantial following. The best way is to start by following friends on Facebook. You simply need to use the “Find Friends” tab on the left side of Pinterest. You may even invite your Facebook friends to become Pinterest followers or users.

11. Encourage Pinning

Install Pinterest buttons on your website or blog. Also try adding a “Pin It” mouseover button to blog.

12. Appreciate

Take some time and thank those who have pinned your images or followed you on Pinterest. Offering exclusive incentives or promotions for clients who follow you on Pinterest is also a great idea.

13. Join Group Boards

It helps joining different groups or community boards with multiple contributors. You can increase your exposure on Pinterest. Try asking fellow photographers about the group boards they are a part of. Request invitations to those community boards.

14. Get More Exposure

Pinterest makes online photography business marketing quick and absolutely hassle free. Simply download a “Pin It” widget and it fits into all of your social media websites, websites and blogs. It will help display your work on pin boards. Users with a massive following will be highly benefited as they can see the work going viral in minutes!

15. Pin Description

It is crucial to be very selective while choosing pin descriptions. Pleasing Google can be difficult. So make sure the keywords are chosen wisely! Always use a link to your website in description. This will help drive your referral links up which ultimately driving your SEO up. Strictly avoid flooding your description with repeated keywords.

16. Contests and Promotions

Oganize a Pinterest contest where you would put out a call to action to your fans. You may ask them to create a Pinboard and pin your images, ideas, etc. for photo shoot. Let them post a link to their Pinboard on your Facebook wall. You may even develop a promotion plan for special discount or freebie by using a pin on your Pinboard.

17. Maintain Interest Among your Clients

Keep asking your customers and fans to pin your images. Updating Pinterest boards and linking to them on your blog or Facebook page will retain interest of your clients and fans. They will be active on your site.

So using Pinterest to promote photography business is a no brainer. Yes, it is hassle free, free of cost, and super fun! All you need to do is allow your creative mind to come up with some unique, exciting ideas to market using Pinterest! Happy Pinning!