Thursday, 23 February 2017

8 Dynamic Strategies for Promoting Your YouTube Videos

So you have a YouTube channel and videos that display your products and services in the best light. Now what? It is now time to promote these videos as well. Here are 8 best strategies that help you make videos viral online:

1. Get Listed

You must get your videos and YouTube Channel page listed with the major search engines. So be prepared to list them on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Later on, integrate SEO strategies to ensure better listing placements.

2. Start Promotion Activity

Start off with promoting your videos to your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours. Also promote these to your existing happy clients. You should ask them to watch your video (s) and share them with their online / offline friends.

3. Use SEO to Promote YouTube Videos

Don't you wish your videos and channel pop up first when target audience search for content? Most people have the best video content, but doesn’t really show up in the first few results on Google / YouTube search. This is not good because the video will not get any views from search engines.

If you have a video that displays your products and services and want it to be the first in the list, make it visible and relevant to search engines. You can do this by placing appropriate keywords in the right places.

4. Cross-promote Teasers and Videos

Whether you have just created your YouTube account, thinking of uploading videos, or just started adding initial content to your channel, make sure you get into action early on building the excitement. Your target audience should get the news about your new venture in an exciting way.

5. Video Thumbnails

Make sure the YouTube thumbnails are less than 2 MB in size. Also take care that the resolution is 1280 x 720. Although smaller in size, video thumbnails are arguably one of the biggest things to focus on especially to promote videos successfully across different social media platforms.

Try imagining that the YouTube thumbnail is your business card for the page. It will show up on the homepage, to target audience when they search for a specific video, and once a video is shared.

It is possible to create custom and actionable YouTube thumbnail via using Canva to drive more traffic to a website. You need to upload specific dimensions. The rest of the design will be taken care of by Canva. All you need to do is click on homepage tab - “use custom dimensions” tab.

Use very simple, crystal clear text describing a video when creating a thumbnail. Also integrate logo in one of the bottom corners. Brighter colours are the best choice for thumbnails. For a positive impact, follow consistency with your brand. It is better to stick with the same font type, color scheme, and/or general layout. This will make videos noticeable as your brand.

6. Analytics are Important

For a new YouTube channel or one that hasn’t been active since long, the analytics may go inaccurate. So keep tabs on Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, or kind of social platform that you are active on.

You should know what day(s) of the week and time are your fans most active. Also know the type of content that get the most traction. For successful promotion of the YouTube channel, it is important that you know your analytics well.

7. Keywords and Phrases for Videos

It is crucial to know that Google and YouTube have complex algorithms. So when it comes to selecting search results, they can be tough. Don't worry. You don’t need to get deep into the algorithm concept. Simply knowing that appropriately placed keywords and increased views boost relevance of videos in searches is enough.

So start making efforts towards boosting your placement on Google searches. Prepare a list of phrases and keywords to use. Know what phrases your target audience will use to find you. Some of the most common searches include, “How to _____” and “What is a _____?” So including these into your video phrases and keywords will really help.
For instance, a beauty vlogger can use keywords for a skin whitening tutorial such as “How to get fair skin,” “skin whitening,” “clear skin,” and, “brighten skin.” Make sure you fit these words and phrases naturally into your title. Also include in the description of your video. Keep keyword density on the lower side. It should look natural.

Allow primary keyword or phrase to appear in your title. Also write a long description that gives you ample opportunity to naturally fit primary and secondary keywords and phrases into the text. Make use of the video tag box to add relevant keywords.

8. Hire a Professional

If budget allows, hire a reputed YouTube video marketing company. The team of experts will allow you to plan and implement a highly effective  online promotional campaign for your YouTube videos.


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