Sunday, 26 February 2017

6 Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2017 – Straight From the Pros

You love Instagram! This social media platform has won millions of hearts across the globe since its release in 2010. And it has never failed to mesmerise its audience with new exciting features. The rapid introduction of the latest features in the year 2016 suggests marketers can look forward to more changes in 2017. So if you have been wondering what changes in marketing scenario on Instagram in 2017,  here are some powerful marketing predictions by experts:

1. Improved Analytics Data and User Experience

At present, more than 48 percent of brands have already made their way on Instagram. It is also estimated that this number will get a significant increase to 70 per cent in 2017. This is certainly the must-have app for businesses. Instagram is vigorously focused on improving its ads and analytics. As the prediction goes, in 2017 mobile ad revenues of Instagram will reach $2.81 billion! Now the question is how will they do it? Users will be offered improved analytics tools and focus will be shifted to creating a user friendly experience for all business owners (irrespective of analytics experience).

At present, business owners possess access to analytics that assess the following:

- Impressions
- Reach
- Engagement
- Audience

2. Overtakes Market Share for Snapchat

Well, this is the trend most pros have noticed over the past several months. And this continues through 2017. Instagram will definitely take over more market share from Snapchat. Snapchat Stories allowed the audience to get inside look at your life and business. Now Instagram has come out with InstaStories. One can perform multiple things on a single platform.

There's a huge difference between the two platforms. Apart from the ability to do multiple things on a single platform, the connection features make all the difference! With Snapchat, it is not easy to connect with others. On the other hand, Instagram lets you connect with Facebook friends and followers easily.

Using Instagram will pay if you start using InstaStories to share behind-the-scenes stuff. The audience will love it as the process adds value to their day. Also, you can give them what they wish to know. A great way to establish meaningful connections with your followers!

3. Better Business

Mark Zuckerberg definitely wants to crush Snapchat. All video options and Story flow on Instagram will experience a makeover. The focus will also be on developing better business tools to help sellers make a flourishing marketplace on the platform.

4. Sales Prospects with Shoppable Product Tags

Instagram will become a shopping haven for end users. It will make for an amazing source of cash flow for marketers. Lately, the social media platform has been tested shoppable product tags that ensure immediate information on a specific product to viewers sans leaving the platform. In case, the viewer decides to buy, he or she will click a 'Shop Now' button to directly visit the landing page to place an order.

The 'shoppable product tags' will facilitate the entire process for Instagram users to buy products. These tags will help users to purchase products in a hassle free fashion. Earlier marketers could use just one link in the bio. The new shopping option will certainly emerge as a game-changer!

5. Brilliant Opportunities Marketers

The platform grows up and the algorithm will continue to be more important. The paid advertising will also continue to increase and put a great impact on businesses. Live video in Stories will be a huge hit and push Instagram towards building a billion users in the near future. Instagram will embrace marketers and best marketing strategies in 2017. Business profiles will benefit from easier access and features. Newer and better ways will allow shopping from within the app. Businesses should get smarter and more strategic in order to benefit from these newer features.

6. Attention From Marketers

Did you know Instagram has moved on? Yes, your favourite social media platform is now much more than simply sharing your most happening snap to a full-fledged visual storytelling platform. The whole thing has got a lot more gripping and challenging! So share your live videos and amazing Instagram Stories instantly. These are more authentic and appeal to the audience better. The spontaneity of these videos makes them more interesting. Nothing can help you establish a more intimate and engaging conversation as this.

Marketers will gain a lot by playing this amazing Instagram game. Plan visual stories that can come in the form of repeating Boomerangs (loop). Don't leave any chance for posting short videos on Instagram. One of the best ways is to use a number of fun tools such candy cane writing tool. These look really great and catch attention as they pop up. Marketers can share a lot of compelling and interesting Instagram stories throughout the day. Many successful Instagrammers have also been highlighting launches and special sessions of Q&As with Instagram Live disappearing videos.

Predictions at a Glance:

- Live video of Instagram will be savable for 24 hours.
- Instagram Stories will be integrated with more attractive filter options. Users can expect a wider rollout for clickable links and integration with Boomerang and Hyperlapse.
- Saving drafts will have more options including the ability to store drafts in organized subfolders. This is certainly a bonus for business owners.
- The best one is 'Reply' feature that gets a makeover and gets tucked under the original comment.
- Likes for comments.
- Shoppable tags will roll out to a wid range of users.


No wonder that Instagram is on its way to achieve the top position as business platform