Monday, 6 February 2017

8 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Reputation Online

Online ratings and reviews possess ample potential to influence decision of your present and future clients. Boosting, protecting, and promoting the online reputation of a company needs to be an integral part of its day to day operations.

Negative reviews for your products, services or website tends to deter buyers. So if you have even one negative review, do something about it. This may affect your potential sales. Listed below are some powerful actions to improve your online reputation:

1. Encourage Happy Customers

Encourage your happy and satisfied clients to post their positive experience. Your customers advocating your services are a plus point. It will influence others to buy from you. In case, your customers don't feel motivated to post their experience about your business, offer an incentive. Remember that a discount or coupon may prove very helpful for your business. These may be awarded to you customers for posting genuine positive reviews.

2. Remove Obstacles

Remove all obstacles that interrupt the process of writing a review. You need to make it really easy for your happy customer to write reviews. Here, you must focus on implementing a proactive, automated process by using online reputation management software. It helps making process of reviewing business easy.

3. Use of Appropriate Tools

Apart from the encouragement of positive posts, you need to make other dedicated efforts to improve your online reputation. One of the effective ways to go about this is the use of professional tools such as Profile Defenders. It is a reputed online reputation management company that removes or deletes defamatory content fully. It also removes bad web pages online. The best part is that they even use themselves as an example of a client they have helped. Use of online tools is quite helpful in improving reputation of your company online as they reach to the route cause of the problem.

4. Associations

Getting positive reviews is easy if your customers like you. So make sure each time you get a positive comment, respond with a "thank you." Take the name of your customer too, if mentioned. Keeping a close track of your customers throughout the sales process is crucial. Continue with these efforts even after they turn into your clients.

5. Handling Negative Reviews

It is important that you properly address a negative review. This should be done in a way that promotes trust amongst consumers. Speak to the customer and try to solve the issue as soon as possible. Also give an answer to the review online apologising for the experience and promising to resolve the issue.

6. Do Not Delay

Timing plays a crucial role in tackling online comments or complaints. So if you see someone has written something about your business, service, product, or employees, respond immediately. Failing to respond will give a 'you don’t care' impression. So if you come across a compliment, acknowledge it by saying thank you and make it as personalized as possible. For a complaint or negative review, apologize. Also offer a solution and if necessary, offer to take the matter seriously by having a conversation offline. You must take care of things before they go out of hand.

7. Stay Positive

The way you respond to a complaint or negative review on your site makes a lot of difference. It can even break how your business is perceived. Most consumers would stop doing business with a brand after a negative interaction. Studies have also revealed that customers increase their spending and regular visits following a positive experience. So make sure you focus on customer satisfaction and keep responses of your customers as positive as possible.

8. Keep a Track of Posts

You should be aware of the posts being made about your organization. This is important as it will let you intercept and even exterminate them way before they emerge as a big issue. Most of the time posts going viral are a result of the initial poster gaining followers from other viewers sharing similar views. The entire thing will lead to a snowball effect. You must focus on getting to the route of the source. This helps with sharing your thoughts in a good way and disperse the issue.