Saturday, 11 February 2017

Easy Yet Brilliant Steps to Improve Your B2B Leads Through PPC

There are a number of ways to produce leads for B2B company. PPC is certainly at the top of the list,  especially when you expect instant results. However, PPC is not easy to manage. In fact, the project can get very expensive if you don’t know what you are doing.

According to experts, PPC management is a skill set. It takes time for a person to learn and develop a strategy that produces results without getting expensive. So are you ready to follow the process? You can read and watch all the tutorials, but there will be one definite, you will experience trial and error going through this. Yet, this will surely be worth your while because not only will you learn a lot, you will learn strategies that will work well for you and your business.

Mastering the skill of PPC management will let you produce revenue at higher volume as compared to other techniques. Also other techniques tend to eat up your resources. Enhancing B2B leads through PPC will help increase your ROI while reducing wastage of resources dramatically. While using this technique, you don’t require spreading resources out.

Here are some important steps you can take to boost your B2B leads using PPC:

Know Your Clients

It is important that a business knows their audience (B2C or B2B). There are several ways in which you can improve B2B leads. Several features can help you with your PPC campaigns. However, first, you must know your target customers. Here, it is crucial to develop buyer personas and proper messaging.

A Buyer Persona will allow you to paint a portrait of your ideal customer. The info gathered can be used to target audience, making sure that you are not wasting resources. It also makes sure that the right people see your ads. So no more wasting time and effort on showing ads to people who are not interested.

The next step is to determine the keywords used by your target audience to search for your product or service. You will get insights on websites they frequently visit. It helps with Display campaigns and AdWord Search campaigns.

Articulate Your Offer

This is crucial for B2B sales. When it comes to providing solutions for clients, most B2B organizations have absolutely no problems. Spreading awareness is really important as most customers aren about the benefits of your products or services. They might now know how they will use those in their own't actually aware of benefits of products / services sold by businesses. Under such situations, the customers may not be able to engage immediately as they don’t know what to do about your services and products. For instance, if you offer weight loss and health guidance, you should help the market understand the benefits of engaging with products or services. Invest ample time organizing webinars, various videos, customer testimonials, and even blog posts. While busy with PPC ads, don’t ignore content marketing campaigns that help educate your niche audience.

Create Customized Landing Pages - The moment a visitor gets to one of your landing pages, you have already paid for the click. So it indicates that so called strategies for reducing the number of poor quality leads such as addition form fields, validating email address for business are actually misguided. Your main focus should be on maximizing conversion rates of landing pages. This can be done via optimizing the following elements:

Tailor Landing Pages to Ad Groups - Tailor your landing pages as per the needs and challenges of your ad groups.

Result Driving Offers – It is crucial to test multiple offers to see the one that gets you the most traction.
Test – A/B test your landing pages. This helps determine variants that driving maximum conversions, consumers, opportunities, and ROI. Make sure you always do A/B test for a single element at a time to isolate the overall impact of that specific element on performance. Additionally, focus on testing just two page variants of the page at a time. The most crucial elements to run tests on are above the fold. These include:

Headline – You can test varied versions of the main selling point, offer / benefit.
Call-to-Action (CTA) – The key is to try out a variety of CTA copy, colors, sizes and placements.
Background / Hero Shot - Test a variety of images or videos for hero shot or background.
Form - Test varied lengths and placements for lead generation form. You can also display your form as a pop up, or bottom of your page.

Adjustments to Mobile Performance

Once you have implemented device tracking, you can easily determine the devices that drive opportunities. In case, you feel mobile leads aren't getting converted into opportunities, simply stop running your campaigns on mobile devices. You can also reduce bids. This helps devices receive the bulk of your traffic.

Develop Ad Schedule

In case, you are running ads 24/7, simply set up an ad schedule for your campaigns. It is possible to add days of the week or break down your schedule. All you need to do is add hourly segments for each day of the week. Thereafter, you can track performance for each hour and day that you define.

After combining opportunity data and ad schedule, it is possible to determine days or hours that produce maximum opportunities. This will help you adjust bids for each segment. It also stops running your campaign for the specific segments.

Make sure you have a close look at the data from time to time. In case, you fail to generate opportunities on weekends / weeknights, stop running campaigns during those times. Thereafter, you can move your budget for regular business hours.


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